Farm From a Box

When a t-shirt is more than a t-shirt…..when it sees more than just the inside of a drawer…when it travels the world with an inspiring business….this is a t-shirt story of those proportions, and we are so excited to share it with you!!! 

About Farm From a Box:

Farm From a Box is known as the “Swiss-Army Knife” of sustainable farming. The key word here is sustainable, as they provide single farming resource units that are deliverable and include everything needed to set up and support a 2-acre farm. And, because the units are powered by renewable energy, they can be set up anywhere – no need for an existing power grid in the area. 

This is a creative way to not only support the development of food growth locally within communities that might otherwise be facing hardships like limited natural resources, but it also equips & empowers individuals within the community to make a living by running these farms.

Brandi (a founding partner of Farm From a Box shown in teal tank top in first pic) mentioned they wanted to order t-shirts that reflected their brand, and this is where we came into the picture.

The T-Shirt Situation:

Farm From a Box knew what they were looking for in a t-shirt, but just weren’t sure what style would meet their goals for the apparel. Their goals included an overall shirt (style/printing) that would reflect their brand well, a color of shirt that would compliment their branding, and a durability that would be able to stand up to working conditions and many, many washes. Knowing these order goals was the first step in helping us build a successful order win for them!  

Since they had not ordered custom t-shirts before, we decided that getting a couple of samples to them would be a great next step in helping decide the right style. From there, Brandi was able to determine that the Royal Blue Next Level CVC Poly/Cotton Unisex T-Shirt (6210) printed with our Vintage White Ink would be just what they needed! 

Their original logo had three colors in it, but with using blue for the shirt color and white for the ink, they were able to achieve a great contrast in colors while still matching their branding, and saving some money by not adding more colors into the design.

So, overall, they definitely achieved order success and have a great “go-to” style/design for reorders anytime!

Bonus: In our follow-up after her first reorder, Brandi shared the pics below saying “Take a look at our farm in Tanzania with the World Food Programme- notice any amazing looking shirts? 🙂 the farmers were beyond thrilled to receive them and be a part of ‘Team Blue’. These shirts have seen a lot of action… 🙂 our entire World Food Programme team wears them!”

We absolutely loved hearing how their shirts were being used, and that they were living up to the original goals of their order! Enjoy the pics below and we look forward to hearing all about your order goals soon!


Farm from a Box 1
Farm from a Box 2
Farm from a Box 3
Farm from a Box 4

August 16 2018